Wednesday 14 October 2009

That Inspirational Book

As I am one of Jenaisle's blogging authors, I'm now delighted to fulfil a commitment to her and give this book a mention. Isn't this a great cover? And do you notice that it doesn't have Jen's name on it anywhere?

Unless you are a real rookie blogger, you must have come across Jenisle before. Her name pops up all over the blogosphere and everyone sings her praises. And it is well-deserved, for as well as maintaining her many blogs, she is always courteous, kind and helpful, and - words fail me. I'll just say I'm proud to be able to call her my on-line friend.

This book is not only an ambition fulfilled for her, it has also needed a huge investment of her time and money in order to showcase other people's work. I do hope lots of people will buy it and show her she is appreciated. You can buy it on several of her blogs: this one for example.

This is also something new for me, having my by-line in a book, rather than in a magazine, web site or e-zine. My copies should arrive soon. I can't wait.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

This is a fabulous piece, Thank you for your generous words and for sharing your inspirational stories with us.

I know that we'll be able to spread some positive thoughts with them.

Congratulations for being a published author and for being a part of this unique anthology.

All the best.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jena. Hope you get lots of sales.

Linda D said...

Well done!
I'll check out the book.

Unknown said...

Thanks you, Linda

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