Monday 9 August 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Pic of Torquay's inner harbour by Laura H. at Wikimedia Commons

The last couple of weeks have gone by in a blur. I really need to sort out what I want to remember from them. I took the bus to Torquay last Thursday week and spent time with my sister and some friends. I rode the Jurassic Coast on the top of a double decker bus and it was just fantastic.

I went to two very different National Trust houses. One was a Gothic Revival house designed by William Burges for a wealthy family in the 19th century. The other was a holiday home of Agatha Christie on the banks of the River Dart - I'd seen the garden before but not inside the house, which is crammed with her family's collections.

I returned home a week ago and that was another adventure, as I got a lift part of the way from my brother-in-law in an enormous artic lorry - a first for me. He had to drop me a mile or more from Yeovil Junction station as he couldn't take the lorry down the narrow lanes that surround it. I had a pleasant country walk to get my train.

I did last week's regular work and then this week's before last Friday when Hubby and I took off for a family wedding in Leicester. The ceremony was in a Leicester church, then we headed away from the city to a village and hotel a few miles out. It turned out to be a very historic building with a Templar Chapel attached and the place where William Wilberforce drafted his Abolition of Slavery Bill.

Highlights for guests were: being greeted with a glass of fruity Pimms; a beautifully cooked meal in good company; a chocolate fountain available for several hours; buffet and disco in the evening; and having to light a Chinese lantern and watch it float away with about 50 others once darkness had fallen.

Came home yesterday and have spent today preparing rooms for guests arriving tomorrow - a very old friend and her two grandchildren - and staying a week. More people arriving on Thursday, more on Friday, and possibly more on Saturday.

It's definitely all go here. Middle of next week I shall crash. Hope to get around to sharing more details of places after that.


Primomel said...

the photo is beautiful enough to make you pause and breathe. it's one thing that keeps you from rush.

nice blog =)

Linda D said...

But it's better than being bored!

Gary Anderson said...

I love England, but have never seen this coast. Wish I had had the money and time to do so when I went to London.

Unknown said...

You're right Totomel. It's a beautiful place for real to relax as well.

You're right as well, Linda.

Gary. The south west of England would be bound to capture your heart. I hope you get another chance to get there.

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