Monday 13 December 2010

Helium and Constant Content

I love it when I wake up, get on the internet and find another sale at Constant Content. It's happened twice this month and I haven't even written any articles as I've been too busy with other things. The ones that sold have been sitting there for a few months just waiting for a good home. One of them sold for full rights and one for a one off licence only, which means I'll be able to sell it again.

I've written about this here before, so you may already know that my practice is to post articles at CC, making them availabel for both exclusive and non-exclusive rights at appropriate different prices. If they sell for non-exclusive rights, I usually post them to a relevant Helium title so I'd get a little more income from their up-front payments and revenue share. One was even purchased from there, but they only paid me $5 for it and I have no idea what the buyer paid them.

There won't be any more up-front payments from Helium though. They have decided they will now only pay up-front for exclusive rights, although authors can still post non-exclusive work for revenue share.

I thought about this and looked at what they are likely to pay out. But why should I offer articles exclusively to them for a fraction of the price I can get by selling at CC. This month I am over $50 up for selling two articles at CC, whereas I might get $10 for two articles from Helium if I am lucky and my work is rated high enough. It would probably be more likely to be $2, or even zilch.

Some writers say they can earn a living at Helium. To do that they must have hundreds or thousands articles on the site. But they would still earn a good deal more at CC if their work was of good emough quality.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Helium was driving me insane. I cashed out with $27, and I don't plan to go back. I couldn't talk myself into even getting started at CC. I'm currently doing well at Shared Reviews, but like many sites you have to have quite a lot of content to make good money.

Unknown said...

Thanks Joan. Helium has just given me my writing star back and an extra rating star when I haven't done any more rating. Funnily enough the writing stars usually disappeared just before they used to add the up-front payments for the month for those with stars.

I've checked you out at Shared Reviews and your pieces are really good. You shouldn't have any problems at CC. I do recommend it as I earn well there - more than would be possible with any amount of articles anywhere else.

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