Friday 30 September 2011

Jade is a Flower Child

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We've been experimenting with food for Jade. At the moment, and for the next four months she has to have puppy food. After that, we need to find out what is the best adult diet for her. The vet told me she doesn't have a heart murmur, which is quite common among King Charles Cavalier spaniels. Her heartbeat is normal when she is still, although she does have a slight abnormality in it when she moves. Hopefully that won't interfere with her quality or quantity of life.

Another common problem with the breed is with their legs, and Ted, the dog my daughter sometimes looks after who has also featured in my posts here, has had to have operations on his. Fortunately they were successful and he is fine now. And again, fortunately, the vet said Jade's legs are fine at the moment. But, of course, you never know what is around the corner. I'd prefer to avoid any mobility problems for her when she's older if I can.

Anyway, I checked out the Hill's Pet Nutrition site. It's well worth a visit and clicking around for lots of good advice about diet for dogs and managing your dog to keep the animal healthy and happy.

When I found their Healthy Mobility Challenge page, I decided to register and was given access to money off vouchers for their Science Diet Healthy Mobility dog food. They are offering up to $30 in vouchers. You should check it out. Everyone who registers gets the Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon offers and is entered in a draw that will have 30 winners who will all get free pet food for a year.

I also went to the page for Hill's Pet Nutrition on Facebook, clicked on Little Dog House, took a little quiz about Jade's personality and discovered she's a 'flower child'. Why not go and find out what your dog is? It's a fun way to take a break from your work and pass a few minutes online.

Yesterday I realised just how strong my flower child's passion for feathers is. We took her to Baiter Park on the shore of Poole harbour and let her run free for a while. It was littered with seagull's feathers and she had a ball with them. I'd rather she played with them than her choice of chomping and tasting the pony droppings in the New Forest. There I had to keep her on lead all the time so I could control what she picked up as we walked.
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