Sunday 9 October 2011

The RSPB at Arne

We went to the RSPB nature reserve at Arne today. You can take dogs as long as they are kept on the lead. We have an extending one for Jade so she can run around but we can still control her. Arne is just a hop,step and jump across Poole Harbour from our little local beach, but we had to drive about 15 miles around the shore to get there. I've been wanting to visit ever since we moved here so I'm glad we finally made it. 

There's a small car park next to an information hut where people go to report the birds they've seen. Every day they write them up on a white board. We didn't go especially to view the birds but to have a nice walk and see the scenery and any wildlife that cared to show itself to us. There were quite a few deer and some of them posed for me very nicely.

We walked as far as this little beach where we could look across the water to Hamworthy, the part of Poole where we live.

I was surprised to see lots of red berries on some of the holly trees. I hope that doesn't mean we'll have a particularly vicious winter this year. Last year I didn't go out much when it was icy. This year, of course, I will have to brave it to take Jade out.

But today, the sun peeped out every so often from behind the clouds and we had to take off our jackets and tie them around our waists as it got so warm.


Jenny Woolf said...

Such funny weather! Is this Brownsea Island or am I getting all mixed up? I've never heard of Arne

Unknown said...

No Jenny. We have to take a boat to Brownsea Island. Arne is a peninsula that juts into the harbour. You reach it by turning off the road between Wareham and Corfe Castle. It's one of Dorset's best kept secrets, known mostly to RSPB members. I didn't know of it myself until we moved here.

Paola said...

Oh I miss autumn, Jean! Lovely pix...

Unknown said...

Thank you Paola. Hope it won't be too long before you can enjoy the autumn again.

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