Friday 24 February 2012

My Life - by Jade: Things my Mummy Knows

My mummy knows all sorts of things about me.

She knows I like my IAMs, but I don't want to finish them unless she comes and plays with me, rolling them around so I have to chase them before I pick them up and eat them. Sometimes I can swing my head and brush them with my ears so they fly a bit further away and I can chase them again. Sometimes I push them with my foot for the same effect.

She knows I can have a treat if I finish up all my dinner and she tells me I am a good girl and good girls get treats. But she does like me to do a little dance for it first.

She knows I love playing with tennis balls indoors and pretending to be really fierce when she tries to take one out of my mouth.  I can play with two at once if I have one in my mouth and she throws another one for me to play football with.

But she knows that if we take a ball out I will chase after it, but I leave it then for her to pick up because I'm too interested in everything else.

She knows that when we go out in the morning to the wood in the park I like to find a stick to carry and chew. And I like to bring it home. I don't know why she never lets me bring it indoors. Sometimes I try to hang on to it, but she always gets it out of my mouth in the end.

She knows I like to snuggle up on the couch with her in the evening. Sometimes she takes so long to finish work in her office that I get cross with her and won't get up and sit with her straight away when she comes out, but I usually do in the end because I like to have cuddles with mummy.


Jenny Woolf said...

What a lovely happy Jade!

none said...

My Veterinarian says IAMs are like junk food for dogs. Talk to your vet.

merlmd said...

what a beautiful dog...what breed is she? I have a mixed breed (black lab-retriever) named Cookie whom we love to bits!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your visits and comments, folks.

merlmd: Jade is a King Charles Cavalier - a small type of spaniel.
We meet quite a few labs and retrievers on our walks. They are lovely dogs too.

Doug: thanks for the head up. I'm still experimenting with diet for Jade, but we go to the vet next month for the annual check up and jabs, so I will be discussing it.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Jade- you are doing a real good job of keeping your mummy busy.

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