Monday 10 September 2012

Doggie Article

I'm still pushing my Helium articles. Each time I post an excerpt here I get a few clicks to help me on my way to payout so thanks to all who've done that. As long as I keep  rating other people's articles there, I'll earn some revenue share. As soon as I reach the pay out threshold and claim my dollars, since I no longer give the site the benefit of my articles, I'll be able to give up that extra drain on my time. I'm only a few dollars short so I won't give up yet.

Trying to offer something that I think will interest my lovely followers, here is one of my most popular. It's all about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed of dog. And the picture is of our beloved pet  whom we lost to cancer many years ago.  It took us a long time to even think about getting another dog. Now we have Jade, and she is a completely different character. But I still have such fond memories of our Sam.

If you are looking for an ideal family pet, you could consider the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This breed title is often shortened to the Stafford, or Staffie. The breed has a reputation for adoring people of all ages and for patience and gentleness with children. Staffies are so good with youngsters that they have been nicknamed the Nanny Dog. They are not often used as guard dogs because, while they can be fiercely protective of their "family", they are more likely to welcome a burglar with sloppy wet kisses than protect your property.

The Stafford is a smooth haired dog with a large head and wide mouth, short legs and a tough, muscular body. He or she will probably be playful and energetic well into old age and will need plenty of exercise.
As a puppy, and until he is about six months old, this should be light off-road exercise that is not so rigorous that it can damage his soft, young bones. After this, you can gradually lengthen his walks and do more and more walking on roads and pavements. By the time he is a year old, he will be able to walk happily anywhere for as long as you like. Indeed, if he is off lead, he's likely to run around exploring, and will cover three or four times as much ground as you.
Before acquiring a puppy, you should be prepared to follow the procedures that will ensure he grows into a healthy dog. 


Glynis Peters said...

I love Staffie's. Sloppy dogs, so sweet.

Unknown said...

Aren't they just, Glynis? I still miss Sam who used to compete with our cat for my lap.

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