Friday 23 November 2012

Thanks to all my Readers

Just checked my Helium account. Only 1 cent away from payout, thanks most likely to you lot and my Facebook friends clicking away for me. Thank you all so much. I'm a happy bunny.


Linda D said...

You're welcome!
I've just had emails from Helium telling me that they have removed 2 of my old articles from the site because they don't conform to the rules (they did when I submitted them!)I look forward to the day when they delete them all - or allow me to! But now I notice that I have a writing star again and my average monthly earnings have increased a little so I might receive a payment from them next year!

Unknown said...

Thanks Linda. I had on of those emails about one of my articles there. I got the cent and I've claimed my payment. As soon as it comes, it's goodbye Helium.

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