Monday 4 March 2013

Work and Play

I'm failing to update my blog as often as I'd like. I know I'll never manage it daily as so many brilliant bloggers do, but I do like to post three times a week. It just hasn't been possible to fit it in as I've been so busy meeting writing deadlines, attending meetings for my voluntary work, gardening, shopping, cooking and housekeeping for three people and a dog, with the latter needing to go out three times a day.

We had a dog party in the park this morning. Some mornings Jade and I don't see a soul; other times we might meet a friend or two, but this morning there were four dogs running around and four owners to chat to. Jade and I enjoy that, but it does mean we're out a little longer than usual. This afternoon we went to Holes Bay in brilliant sunshine again, but the wind was biting and I think even Jade was glad to get back in the car afterwards.

Every time we come home now I can admire my minimalist front garden. We've certainly added some kerb appeal to the house. I spent Saturday morning out there again and cleared and planted another bit of the wall and prepared and planted the big stone pot in the centre - primroses everywhere.


Paola said...

Oh Jean it all looks so quiet and peaceful!

Unknown said...

Hi Paola. The Holes Bay footpath is usually quiet, though we often meet other dogs being walked and children play there in the school holidays. No doubt it appears a peaceful paradise compared to Dhaka.

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