Friday 3 May 2013

Another Interlude

I am chilling out in south west London and using my daughter's painfully slow laptop. This morning we went for a lovely walk in Richmond Park, and she has now gone off for the weekend and I am in charge of the puppy and the girl.

But the puppy is fast asleep and Eryn is at school and then on to her football training - won't be brought home till after 6. So I have nothing to do for a few hours, which seems very strange.

When I logged into my email just now the first on told me that one of my articles had sold at Constant Content, and I am feeling very content now.  I think I'll take a book into the garden, but shall I sit in the sun or the shade. Decisions, decisions.


Paola said...

You sound peacefully happy, Jean; that's lovely.

Sharkbytes said...

Beautiful girl, sweet puppy, wonderful to sell an article!

Unknown said...

Thanks for comments, Paola and Joan

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