Thursday 26 December 2013

Christmas Day in Poole

Our Christmas Day was rather quiet this year. Just hubby, Jade and me. We had managed to recover from the anticipatory Christmas celebration we'd had two days earlier with my son and girlfriend who were both taking off for other climes yesterday. I did the marathon three course meal for that, and on the big day we just had our prawn cocktails and a prestuffed turkey breast with lots of leftovers for Jade. We didn't even feel like finishing off the Xmas pudding started on Monday, or any of the mince pies sitting around.

But earlier, after a scrambled egg brunch, we piled into the car and headed for the beach at Sandbanks. A few people were around, not many, most with dogs. In these winter months dogs have the run of the whole long sweep of the beach, whereas in the summer we are limited to about half a mile at the far end near the ferry that crosses the harbour entrance to Studland.

Pic by Chris Downer

It was raining when we left the car in the car park, but miraculously, it stopped for the duration of our walk, about 15 minutes towards Bournemouth, and then back again. The picture I got from Wikimedia Commons is very much what it was like. 

Jade clearly loved it, and had been missing all those sandy beach walks we did last summer. She loves to chase stones I throw for her, and then she digs them into the sand and out again, if she can find them. It's not wise to stand behind her. Sometimes the stone comes flying out along with all the sand she's pushing up. Then she will have a job to find it. I always have to wipe the sand off her nose after a visit to the sandy beach.

We were actually among the lucky people here who were not badly affected by the Christmas weather. On the other side of Bournemouth, the River Stour flooded badly. I've been reading about it on the Huffington Post site. Many other areas have also been badly affected as I expect you have heard. 

Another bad storm is expected tonight. I'm hoping I will be able to get to my daughter's tomorrow and be in my seat for the Epsom Playhouse panto by start time at 3 pm. I have train tickets so will just have to hope the trains are running, and without too much delay. Even if I miss the panto, I'll still try to get there as we have yet to exchange Christmas presents.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

Unknown said...

Thanks Joan. I read about your day - not quite as quiet as mine, but looked as if you had time to relax in the end.

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