Monday 17 February 2014

The Valentine Weekend

These flowers were for me on Valentines Day. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm waiting now to see what colour the lilies are. The rest of them are so beautifully colour coordinated.

We went to see Hamworthy Park on Sunday, which was a warm, sunny day after the last storm subsided. It had been particularly ferocious on our stretch of coastline. You may have heard about the seaside restaurant at New Milton, from which Valentine's night diners had to be rescued by the emergency services after huge waves carrying pebbles broke through the windows. That's only a few miles east of us.

Anyway much of the water had subsided from our park, which sits on the side of Poole Harbour and is not next to the open sea. We were able to walk the pathways. The field to the right of the car park was still flooded though and it had some of beach huts sitting in it.

Above is a picture of the line of huts normally. Now it has gaps in it where those whose rusted cables had given way had been flung far back from their sites. All the others had shifted back a bit but were still held by the steel cables  fastening them to their concrete plinths. Hubby stopped to lend a hand to one family whose hut had swung sideways so that it couldn't be opened. A couple of other passers by also helped to manoeuvre it into its rightful position with brute strength.

The beach has dropped lower from the sea wall in places, and the tide was still high so we couldn't see much of it and we didn't let Jade go down there, but she found lots of new smells to excite her and still enjoyed her walk.


Linda D said...

Lovely flowers! And it's such a relief to see some sunshine, isn't it? Even if it is between showers!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

You folks have really been getting hammered.

Unknown said...

Hi Linda. Yes, the sun really does lift the spirits.

Hi Joan. We have indeed, much like you have with the intense cold and the snow.

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