Friday 18 April 2014

More Garden News

The violets in the picture in my last post are in the pot that my hosta has been living in for the past several years, dying off and disappearing each winter and returning in spring. There was no sign of it last year when the violets first appeared so I guess they have ousted it.

The plot outside my kitchen window needs weeding, tidying and more filling. The tulip bulbs I planted really late because of the extended wet weather haven't come to anything. Hopefully, some of them will grow next year if I can avoid disturbing them too much. But the primroses planted last year have been doing really well.

The camellia is budding and has had one rather shy flower.

The miniature daffodils have died off but the rhubarb next to them will soon be ready for cutting and cooking. Strawberries have migrated beyond the edge of my herb garden, so I'm hoping to have an even better crop this year. Bean stakes are in and seeds planted straight into the ground instead of being brought on first. Fingers crossed.


Sharkbytes said...

Looks nice. Love the primroses

Paola said...

How lovely to see fresh spring flowers. Here everything is rapidly shrivelling up!

Unknown said...

Joan - so do I.

Paola - I feel for you.

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