Wednesday 28 May 2014

My New Bistro Set

I'm very excited about  my new acquisition. I wanted a bistro set for my terrace last year but couldn't find one I liked at a price I could afford. I tried again this spring and ordered this one from Dun Elm a couple of weeks ago. (Jade is not very impressed, as you can see.)

I must say the delivery service was excellent. I could have tracked it on line if I wanted, and I received no less than three phone calls about when to expect it, each one reinforcing the last. It arrived yesterday morning and hubby set it up while I was working. After we came back from our afternoon walk, I had my cup of tea out there, but I shivered. Today it's even colder, and I won't be using it again until the weather warms up.

We need to get a cover for it now. We expected  rain last night so covered each piece with a green rubbish sack weighted down with a brick, and that doesn't look as pretty. But I'm still happy that I have it at last.


Catherine said...

What a lovely set to enjoy with the warmer weather. I wish you many happy times using your new set. Blessings, Catherine

Jenny Woolf said...

I love the idea of eating outside of an evening. So nice when you have a little candle on the table too. It's a beautiful set.

Unknown said...

Catherine - thank you for visiting, commenting and for your good wishes.

Jenny - thank you for the appreciation. And I agree about the candle. Just have to wait for a warm evening.

Paola said...

How lovely. I hope you get the weather for it!

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