Friday 8 January 2016

The Wind Beneath my Wings

Today I went to my singing group for the first time for several weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Today we started to learn a beautiful new song. Here is the Bette Midler version.


Betty Boop14 said...

Well Well Well did you read my posting earlier in the week? yes I agree it is a very beautiful song, I wish I could sing it as well as Bette!

Jenny Woolf said...

It's always nice to sing. Glad you're keeping up with the group

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny. I do love the singing.

Hi Betty. I did see your post, but I had forgotten it was the same song. Forgive me. It is a beautiful song. I'd love to hear you sing it.

Maureen Mo said...

Hi Jean
Did I ever tell you... this is the song my brother Terry used to sing to his wife Mary when she went out to Iraq to rescue him from Saddam Hussein circa 1990. Lovely Song.

Unknown said...

Such a nice surprise to see you back with us on Friday, we have been missing you! 'The Wind Beneath My Wings is one of the calssic love songs of all time, I hope that we can do it Justice. XXX

Paola said...

One of my favourite songs! And I love her version of 'From a Distance' too!

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