Wednesday 10 February 2016

The Work Comes In

I've been working again. Asked for commissions from a former customer and was welcomed with open arms. I now have five more articles under my belt. It  took me  a while to get back into the routine of researching and writing, so the pieces took longer to put together than they should. But it was good to have a purpose for each day and something to do while I was pretty housebound with a bad cold. Now to sit back and relax.

Tomorrow the family are off to London for another long weekend. They won't be back till Monday, which will seem strange as I've got so used to having them around all the time. I've invited a friend to come and stay for the weekend so I won't be alone. She was recently widowed and is very stressed by all the arrangements she needs to make for her own solitary life, so it will be good for her to get away from  her home for a bit.

Everything seems to be changing at the moment. The one constant is the dogs. I shall have to walk them on my own this weekend as my friend will not be up to it.

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