Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I'm feeling bemused. Had all sorts of problems with my system today. While I was visiting my usual sites first thing, my anti-virus screamed at me that a trojan was trying to upload stuff. I told it to deny access, but a few strange things happened afterwards. I ran Spybot and deleted some cookies and was told it couldn't complete the deletions but would rerun as soon as I rebooted. I closed down and went off to do the ironing.

Anyway, all the work I was going to do today just went out the window. Hopefully I can get going properly tomorrow. I have a query to write on three ideas I have for one editor, plus several other ideas that need working up for constant content articles.

My five year old granddaughter will arrive for a weekend visit on Friday afternoon. I'm praying the rain will ease enough for our local festival to continue. I planned to entertain her on Saturday with circus workshops and face painting and stuff like that in the festival field. But I've told her mother to make sure she packs her wellies - I think they'll be needed anyway.


Atniz said...

I know how it feels. What antivirus software are u using? I'm using avast home edition. This guy really protects me for many years now and I'm happy with this antivirus. Not promoting anything here. Maybe, you should try something new to block this trojan virus and other type of viruses.

Enjoy ur weekend with ur family.

Dave King said...

You have my sympathy. It happens to us all sooner or later, I guess. Hope you get it sorted, but it's still frustrating, to say the least.

jakill said...

Thanks for your comments Atniz and Dave. See my latest post for the end of the story.

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