Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Success with PayPerPost

After the initial hiccup, I can report success. My blog has been approved for blog marketing with PayPerPost. And I recommend it already because they have offered me as much as I might get for a CC article to make this post.

As I expected, most of the offerings from advertisers are for quite a bit less than that, but it still looks like a nice little earner from doing what I would be doing anyway. And I won’t have so much hassle thinking up subjects to write about. Some people earn lots of bucks, which I daresay is not too difficult if you have multiple blogs.

I’m saving US dollars in my paypal account at the moment. When the balance is high enough I’ll consider whether I’d be better off getting it converted and putting it somewhere it will earn for me. All spare pennies are being squirreled away for our next move to live by the sea, when that dream comes true. I’ll probably need a bit more than I’ll get for the current house, which is in a cheaper area.

When I’ve been surfing around via the entrecard widgets when I’m clicking, I’ve seen other bloggers talking about PPP. That’s why I decided to give it a go. I’ve tried a couple of other sites that offer money for blogging but they all seem to want a decent Google page rank, and I’m still learning about all that. I dare say that might affect the opportunities on PPP, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. Only my first day, mind you.

And I won’t be able to get really into it for the next couple of weeks, as on Sunday we are flying off to the Balearics for our summer hols. Might be the last time we do that because of all the carbon footprint hoo-hah, so we have to make the most of it, no matter how bad the euro exchange rate is.

Anyway I have my ppp account all ready and waiting for when I get back. I’m not sure yet how much this will affect my blogging schedule. At present I post here three days a week and two days at my Writelink blog. I can’t do PPP at WL because they don’t allow widgets, but I might think about stepping up this one a bit if it’s bringing in some cash.


Roy said...

Good for you!

I can't get mine approved :(

jakill said...

Sorry to hear that. I just emailed their support saying that their reason was invalid. They wrote back that they had solved the problem and told me to resubmit. I'm still not out of the water though, as they haven't yet accepted this post, because I couldn't get the required links to work properly. Hope to sort that out today.

Good luck to you when you try again.

EmmaB said...

Congratulations on being accepted to PayPerPost! Have you joined SocialSpark yet?

jakill said...

Thanks EmmaB. I haven't checked out SocialSpark yet. Hope to get to it soon. Just back from hols and have loads of catching up to do before I can start anything new.

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