Monday, 14 July 2008

A Butterfly at the Gillingham Festival

Each year, our little town has a Festival which runs for over two weeks and is patronised by the great and the good. Tonight it’s “An Evening with Michael Portillo” (which I’m not attending. Sad for him). And yes, it really is THE Michael Portillo. The music line up is varied, with classical concerts in the Methodist Church Hall, while a marquee on the festival site hosts some local talent alongside the likes of national stars such as Elkie Brookes and, on another night, The BIG Chris Barber Band.

Weekends see free daytime entertainment in the marquee, with children’s activities alongside. So Saturday morning saw me bopping away in the queue for face painting while holding the hand of a giggling, and slightly embarrassed five year old granddaughter.

Here she is with her butterfly face on.

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