Friday, 25 July 2008

New Arrivals before our Departure

This will be my last post for at least two weeks. I had hoped to prepare posts for blogger to put up on their dates while we are on holiday. But things have got a bit out of hand this week and I haven’t managed it. Two babies have been born into our family; the first was a grandson for my sister, so a great-nephew for me.

And yesterday I went off with my son to meet his new grandson, who was just a few hours old. And yes, that makes me a great-gran. Do I feel old? I’m glad though that my little great-grandson put in an early appearance, as I was able to see him before it’s time to head off away from all the family for two whole weeks.

Now here’s a piece of sod’s law. It’s been at least two months since anyone showed the slightest interest in the fact that my house is for sale. But someone wants a viewing on Monday while we are away. That means that I’ll have to clear away all the rejected clothing and other items that don’t make it into our suitcases, and then set to and make the place spick and span before we can go.

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