Monday, 7 July 2008

My Dream

Reading Jim’s Secret Thoughts, I was advised to visualise what I want most of all in life and write it down as clearly as possible. There are two things I really, really want at the moment: one is to become a consistently brilliant and admired writer; the other is to move to a home from which I can walk to the sea. I have a feeling that the first could be dependent on the second, so that’s what I should concentrate on.

Moving house can’t happen until I’ve sold my current one. That’s the stumbling block, and that’s what I’ve been concentrating on. But taking Jim’s advice means shifting that emphasis to the end result.

So here’s my dream.

I have moved to a semi-detached house in Legion Road, Hamworthy, a western suburb of Poole. Hubby has gone to work in the early hours and I wake again at 6.30 in my roomy bedroom and head downstairs to make my morning berry tea, and let our lovely Labrador out into the garden at the back. I take the tea back to bed and spend half an hour reading a novel and sipping my tea before taking a shower in my en-suite. Then it’s into my clothes, grab the dog’s lead and step out of the house into fresh, seaside air. A few minutes later, we enter the park behind the little beach huts that line the promenade.

As we cross the park, I’ll be playing fetch with the dog. I think he’ll be called Max. Our last dog, Sam, was adorable, but had to be watched carefully around other dogs as he was a Staffie, a fighting breed. It’s over twelve years since we lost him and I’ll never get over that heartbreak, but I think I’m ready for another canine love to enter my life.

Then I’ll be at the centre of my dream as we reach the sea and stride along watching the waves, with the sound of them lapping the beach in my ears, and their fresh, salty smell in my nostrils. That’s when I’ll feel I’ve come home at last.

I don’t want much really. Just that kind of background for my writing and homemaking efforts, with a few holidays and visits to and from family. I pray the opportunity comes soon.


Linda said...

Since you have put your dream into the universe, it shall come to you!

Sheila said...

Not the best time for buying and selling houses, is it? We've had to rent ours out until we ride out the storm. My husband has always wanted to be near the seaside but we've never been able to achieve that. Myself, I'm happy with any water so a river would suit me.

The Fearless Blog said...

Interesting post.

Although I have always been somewhat superstitious, I have always had great faith in God and in my own abilities to accomplish the things I "truly" wanted. God has blessed me so. The key in this whole "visualize what you want and the universe will send it to you thing" is that you must be clear and sure, very sure, of what it is you wish to achieve. Wishy-washy thoughts only bring wishy-washy things to your life. I have witnessed the impossible, or what others including myself thought was impossible, come to pass not only in my own life but in the lives of others around me.

When I was in my 20's, a long time ago, I prepared a "dream board" where I displayed pictures and words of the things I hoped one day to have, and yes I can attest that most have come to pass...the homes, cars, vacations and life I wished for myself. However, everyday I worked with great discipline and dedication so that I could one day arrive at that place where I wanted to be. Now, my vision boards are in my head; I speak and write my wishes and I fearlessly focus on seeing them "done" but more than just in my mind. I live, breathe and feel these things as a "done deal" not with arrogance or a sense of entitlement but with confidence that the Lord wishes my life to be fulfilled in every way.

I serve and value others with a tremendous appreciation for life. I give of myself, time and money "only" when I expect and wish for nothing in return. And everyday the Lord rewards me with my life.

If you visit my blog, you can read about some of my dreams and how they have come true, or you can read about the many others who have also found their "pie in the sky."

If you can see it, breathe it and smell it, then it is done!

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