Monday, 13 October 2008


When JenaIsle invited me to join Helium recently, I took some time to think about it. I revisited the site and found much better opportunities there than when I looked at it about 18 months ago. And I’d already been considering diversifying and spreading my writing around the web a bit more, so I soon decided to give it a go.

Once I’d joined up I found I was already too busy with other writing projects to start anything specifically for Helium. It seemed like I’d have to put it on hold again. Then I read another of Jena’s blog posts and realised that I could post up any article for which I hold the copyright, even if it had already been published elsewhere.

This is brilliant because I have several articles at Constant Content that have sold once for usage rights only. CC recently changed their policy so that after such a sale, full rights can no longer be offered, so they are still for sale there but only for usage rights, and whoever buys them knows that they might also appear elsewhere.

So I’m starting to post there in the hope of earning a few more bucks while my stuff sits around waiting for a buyer. I also have a few blog pieces that could be suitable for Helium. You probably know that writers earn from readers clicking their work at Helium, so if you’d like to see some of mine, you will do me a favour by reading my articles there. You’ll find the list here.

The only problem I have with Helium is the quality of some of the writing I am asked to rate. Mostly the ideas are great, but many people simply don't seem to understand to concepts of editing and proofreading. With some, it's obvious that English is not their first language so errors are more understandable; others are native English speakers, using either UK or US spelling, both of which I'm familiar with.

When rating, it's easy to say which of two articles is the best, but I'm used to reviewing and giving advice, and it rankles not to feel able to do that. There apparently is a facility but I don't yet know how to use it, or whether it would be welcomed. No doubt I'll get that sorted in time.

The other way I'm diversifying, or trying to, is with socialspark. When I couldn’t get any opportunities at payperpost, I thought I’d try that out. I have found opportunities there, but I can’t seem to find out what to do about them. If there’s anyone out there who can tell me how to accept an opportunity, I’ll be eternally grateful.


jodapoet said...

Thanks for the post. I've never really liked Helium because it is a matter of taste. Article contents are rated by other writers and basically it boils down to popularity which I don't like. It can however be lucrative. I know of people who are making a living writing for them.

Deborah said...

The downside to Helium is that you can never remove your content from their site, even though it's unpaid. I don't want to get involved in something like that. It's like giving your stuff away.

I just started a blog at another site where you are paid $1 a day to blog, plus $2/1000 page views. If I'm going to blog, might as well get some money out of it, hey?

jakill said...

jodapoet - thanks for your comment. I take your point, but the first article I posted, which no one knew was mine, went straight to number one (have to say, though that the others were over a year old).

Deborah - again, thanks. That is a good thing to point out. I'm actually only giving them stuff I've already sold elsewhere but retain rights for. But I will bear that in mind when/if I consider anything else.

What site is it that pays $1/day. Good luck with that.

Lea said...

With SocialSpark, you have to look for opportunities that are open and that you qualify for. You will see that on the colored buttons to the right of the opportunity. The link to apply for the opportunities are usually in the detail section.

Liara Covert said...

Every experience is as meaningful as you choose. Your awareness changes constantly based on those things you decide to accept or experience. Great news you choose to expand and strech your mind!

jakill said...

lea - thank you for responding. Sorry I didn't explain properly. I've already got that far with socialspark. I just don't know what happens next. I'm hoping it will all become clear as I go through the process, so I've now taken the plunge and got myself on a list.

liara covert - many thanks for your observation.

Barbara Whitlock said...

We appreciate your contributions to Helium too. Helium can benefit writers by giving wider exposure to your non-exclusive content, and we are offering some sizable payments for freelancers contributing to our Marketplace program. Exclusive articles to Marketplace pay from $20 to hundreds. Citizen Journalist contests like our partnership with One World pays selected writers $125 too. Check us out, and feel free to contact me too:

jenaisle said...

I was wondering why my comment was not have posted it in the previous article. Anyway, I'm re posting it again.

Yes you must post your already published material there. Perhaps you can write new content when you have the time.

Kudos to you and welcome to Helium.
You might want to join an ongoing writing contest (adopt a title). Check the site to learn more about it.

If you do notice a typo in my articles, do send me a PM. I always welcome comments as English is not my native tongue.

Good luck and cheers.

jakill said...

Barbara - thanks for commenting. It's always good to be told you're appreciated. I will certainly be considering your Marketplace sometime soon.

Jena - thanks for responding again!

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