Friday, 10 October 2008

Lovely, Loving Downs Syndrome People

I’ve been reading this heart-rending blog by the mother of a Downs Syndrome child. It reminded me of this poem written as a memorial to a wonderful young woman with DS, who defied all the medics’ predictions of an early demise but eventually succumbed to a devastating cancer. When she was a child she was often cared for by my sister and we grew to love her dearly. My sister is still friendly with her parents and I meet them occasionally when I visit her. Her mother wrote this poem, which was read out at her memorial service.

A Glimpse of Juliet

Full of life and full of fun
She touched the hearts of everyone.
Lots of laughs and lots of tears
Have been the order of the years.
Pranks, too many to relate
And rows about the food she ate.
Music, dancing, disco queen
She loved the lights, loved to be seen.
Many times we'd hear the hum
And then into the room she'd come.
These few words help to recall
A life which will be missed by all.


Jena Isle said...

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Dragon Blogger said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog and poetry.

I like the poem in this post and the topic.

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