Friday, 31 October 2008

Stopping the Junk Mail and Cold Calls

In the UK we have the Preference Services. I’ve registered with them all and it has stopped all the junk mail I used to get through the mail, and all those annoying calls from people trying to sell me double glazing etc. Unfortunately, as spam email comes from all over the world, it just keeps multiplying even though I’ve registered with the email Preference Service.

Anyway just now, through SocialSpark, I’ve learnt what you can do if you live in the US. Join The Privacy Council. It looks like you pay them just $9 and they get you ON the National Do Not Call List, and OFF all the databases that germinate the dreaded junk mail etc, such as:
- The Direct Marketing Association's List, which takes your name off of most catalog lists
- the Advo, PennySaver, The Flyer, and ValPak direct mail lists
- most Catalogs, Mail Order, and Magazine Lists
- Pre-approved Credit Card Offers mailing list
- Reverse Phone Directories
- Sweepstakes Lists

So that really should do the same job that I’m benefiting from here.

I’m going to tell my cousin in Memphis and all my US pals. Can all you new Privacy Council members let me know how it affects your email spam too?



jodapoet said...

I sure wish I could stop the junk mail in my box. I end up just recycling all of it. Thanks by the way for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Carol said...

Thank you so much for that info. I have no credit card debt, but if I did, I'd most likely be aswering sales calls 200 times a day rather than the mesley 100 now!!!

jakill said...

Thanks for the comments.

jodapoet - I hope you can get your junk mail stopped. At least its good that we can send the paper for recycling now.

carol - I hope you get your sales calls stopped. What a time waster that is.

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