Friday, 24 October 2008

Have you Been to a Swishing Party?

There's been a lot of talk on the TV recently about swishing. Actually I only heard the term for the first time this evening, but when the presenter gave the definition I realised I'd seen quite a bit about it before.

It's the new word for swapping clothes. Apparently it's really big in America, and it's taking off here too. It may be coincidental, but the fact that we're all getting short of cash, or expecting to very soon, could account for its fast growing popularity.

Enterprising professionals arrange events in large premises and charge a small entrance fee for people to bring and buy clothes. Private swishing parties cost nothing but entry is by invitation only to friends, and friends of friends, willing to bring something to swap.

The idea has been promoted by model, Twiggy, in a BBC TV series, Twiggy's Frock Exchange. I saw a bit of one of the programmes and noted that it was furnished with experts who made over many of the items donated for swapping to give them a completely new identity.

Even if you don't have experts like that around, I'd say it's a jolly good way to perk up your wardrobe frequently without breaking the bank.

What do you think? What are the pros and cons? Have you done any swapping and would you do it again?


Sheila said...

The large events sound as though they have potential, but private parties seem less likely. You'd need to know a number of people of the same size.

Jon said...

Reminds me of that 1970's icon of children's television. Yes I'm talking about Swap Shop.
It was around that time that I managed to get an Action Man for old Beano annual.

jenaisle said...

I think that would apply if you know the person personally. But that's an enterprising idea.

Jon said...

Hi Kean, you've won an award. See my blog for details.

jakill said...

Thank you Jon. That does cheer me up. I'll be able to deal with them on Wednesday.

Thanks Sheila and Jena for your very apt comments as well.

Carol said...

I've never heard of swishing, but if one of those famous wealthy people wants to swap clothing, I'm all over it!!!

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