Friday, 3 October 2008

It's Carnival Time

My two girls arrived this evening for our carnival weekend. It's so lovely to see them and get great big hugs. Unfortunately the weather forecast is not too good for tomorrow and my daughter and I decided, on the spur of the moment, to take young Eryn to the funfair, which has been on here all week, instead of waiting for tomorrow's festivities. We all had great fun just watching her on the littl'uns rides. She won two soft toys and a beach ball attached to a little bat with elastic. Finally we persuaded her to take her mummy on the dodgems and I stood on the sidelines and watched the hilarity as they dodged and bumped. Of course there were tears when it was time to leave, but she's fast asleep now. I was miffed with myself as I forgot to take my camera.

Tomorrow there is duck racing in the morning, when we all congregate on the town bridge and watch the yellow plastic ducks wash through to the end of the race. Any gambling will benefit charities as well as the winners. Three o'clock sees the start of the children's procession, and sadly that's when the rain is forecast to start.

Later in the evening the main procession will be preceeded by various bands marching through the town, then all the steam engines, and finally, at around 8 pm, all the carnival floats and other entries, which take over an hour to pass any particular place. We are on the Wessex Carnival Circuit and those taking part will have been working all year on their floats and costumes. They take it very seriously and it's quite a spectacle.

I do hope it's not so wet it puts a real dampener on things. I'll let you know on Monday.


jenaisle said...

That was quite an experience Jean. it is nice to be bringing children to carnivals and the like. They get to enjoy and we get to watch

All the best and happy blogging.

Shinade said...

Oh it sounds like so much fun. I visited with my grandchildren over the summer in Maine.

We went to a ton of festivals and water parks.

I do so hope you have good weather.:-)

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