Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bournemouth Beach

The beach that starts at Sandbanks, the entrance to Poole Harbour stretches east for several miles past Bournemouth to Hengistbury Head. When I was in Bournemouth recently, I took these pictures of the beach.

The pier and beach from above.

Looking east from the pier.

Looking west from the pier towards Sandbanks and the direction of home.


Russ said...

What a beautiful beach. You can find a spot to setup your blanket. Around here it is sometimes blanket to blanket. Hardly no room to walk around.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Jean, it is gorgeous there and what strikes me most is that white sand. Wow, it's just so inviting. You don't see that color sand out here where I live :)

winter gurl said...

Beautiful and clean beach . But there only one chalet / shop ...the place is less of chalet hotel and shop .

One of The Guys said...

Oh Calgon, take me away! Wish I could be sitting on the beach right now.

Instead I'm home with my three kids tearing my hair out.

jakill said...

Hi Russ. I guess it could get like that here as the year goes on.

Hi Jo. I don't recall white sand anywhere else in this country either.

Hi winter gurl. There are a few shops and cafes along the prom. But no chalet hotels. The beach is a public one.

Hi One... Guy. The beach is the perfect place for kids. Although you still have to have eyes in the back of your head to keep tabs on more than one. Dream on.

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