Thursday, 17 June 2010

Microcredit on Helium

Over in the Helium Marketplace I noticed a request for an article that was going to be really well paid. In common with 25 other writers I decided to give it a go and sat down to do the research.

What I read just blew me away. I spent hours reading the stories of the poorest people who'd managed to turn their lives around when they were offered life-saving loans of the the smallest amounts of money, on repayment terms that they could manage. I felt privileged to be able to write something that would do some awareness raising for the organisations that raise the money that can be loaned. I discovered that I can contribute an amount as small as $25 for an individual loan via an organisation called Kiva.

I didn't really expect my piece to be chosen (and it wasn't). I knew the competition would be stiff (and it was). But I didn't expect that it would damage my standing at Helium so much that I'd lose my stars. That was a bit of a blow, but I've now got it showcased at Constant Content with a non-exclusive price tag. If it sells I'll be investing my profit in a Kiva loan.

You could read it here at Helium (or choose to read one or more that are rated higher), or buy it here at CC.

I find the rating system at Helium very unpredictable. Often my articles start off really high and stay there for a while, then drop months later, so that I lose stars. I've been up to three and now I have none again, which means earnings are pitiful and I have little enthusiasm for submitting. But that's a catch 22 because I'm told that with a larger portfolio, you're less likely lose stars. Perhaps I'll get there one day. Sigh.

In the meantime I continue to earn from my commissions and my showcased articles at CC. At least I know some people like my work.


Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice flower bloom

imelda said...

the next update may be high again, don' fret, , ,

jakill said...

Jesson & RA - many thanks for your comment. I think it was meant for the rose in my last post.

jakill said...

Imelda - you're right. That's the way it seems to work. Thank you.

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