Monday, 14 June 2010

Weekend Break

I've been away for a few days. They were a break from my normal work of writing and running the home for my husband and son in my supposed retirement, but they weren't exactly a rest.

I travelled on Wednesday late afternoon. On Thursday I attended the annual Celebration Day at Hillcroft College. I used to enjoy this day very much because it really celebrated the achievements of individual students, who would be so excited to collect their certificates and receive recognition for their efforts. But now it seems to be just a PR exercise because the college can no longer rely on government funding and needs to diversify its income as a charity. I can see the necessity but the day no longer holds its charm for me.

I have supported the college in many ways since I got my second chance at education there in the 1970s, but that may be the last time I attend that particular day.

On a happier note, I was staying with my daughter and granddaughter, so that I could help with some decorating, either directly or indirectly. On Friday morning, it was my granddaughter's class's turn to entertain the school and parents at assembly, so of course, we went to that after helping the child to learn the sentence she had to recite. We were treated to information about the Great Fire of London, which they had been doing in history, and about their day on the beach last Tuesday, a cold wet day which didn't seem to dampen their enthusiasm.

While she was at school, daughter and I got busy with rollers and paint brushes, but that night my son arrived, travelling after work. So he took over my role for the weekend while I took care of the little one and the laundry, and the cooking, and the dog we were also sitting for the weekend. Eryn and I made some chocolate brownies and had great walks with Ted, a delightful King Charles Spaniel who belongs to a friend and is a frequent visitor. You might remember Eryn and Ted who feature here.

Finally, if you are ever looking for Sunday lunch in Surbiton, head for The Grove in Maple Road. We had the best pub roastie I've ever tasted. They advertise a 'Sunday roast like mother used to make' and it's no exaggeration.

I went without my camera, but this photo, by Hugh Venables, is of Claremont Gardens, a little park in the centre of Surbiton, not far from The Grove.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

You have certainly been a busy bee. I like this photo it looks like a special place.

jakill said...

Thanks Jo. The garden is a little oasis in busy suburbia. In summer the office workers take their lunches out there.

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