Monday 5 May 2008

Am I Inspired?

I got home today after a long weekend of looking after children for absent parents. It was exhausting but rewarding, I guess. I stayed in my daughter’s house to care for my four year old granddaughter, had to collect her from school together with a little friend whose mother collected her at 6 pm on Thursday and Friday. On Sunday I swapped granddaughter for an eight month old boy while she went off for a swim with baby’s sister and father.

This baby was supposed to be a doddle, and had been fed before I got him. But that was just what Dad said. Baby disagreed. I did make up some formula eventually., and after that he slept as long as he was on my shoulder, but cried as soon as I laid him down. In the end I laid myself down with him on top, and we both drifted off into dreams for a good half hour.

Coincidentally, last week I read an article on The Writer Within newsletter about getting inspiration for writing from kids. Although I had this in mind all the time, it seems I was too busy to generate any ideas over the weekend. I’m just hoping they’ll germinate in the next few days.

I did spend my time playing lots of games, trying to persuade girls to eat their greens and to stop arguing and play nicely, and some of my strategies paid off. There was also the nightmare of the nit treatment. (Oh God, there I go again. Every time I think of that, my head starts itching.) So I guess there is some food for thought there.


Jena Isle said...

Jean, they called me Jean when I was in high school. I have a granddaughter too who is with me right now and I fine her so overactive. But I enjoy being with her. I am glad I have some bloggers who are grannies too. Happy blogging.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment, Jena (I often type my name that way by mistake.)

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