Wednesday 28 May 2008

Fascinating Football Facts

I’m late again today because I have been researching and writing about the Euro Cup. My favourite customer at constant-content has requested an article publicly, and I always set to with a will to respond to him.

Lots of women I know can’t stand football. They think of it as a rival for the attention of their menfolk. I’m not one of those. I was brought up on a diet of footie as my dad ran our local amateur club. I wrote about that for the women’s magazine My Weekly about twenty years ago, and a version of that article has been recently published in Best of British.

Of course, the beautiful game has changed out of all recognition since the time I was writing about, in the 1960s. I no longer attend matches but I do sometimes watch them from my armchair. Today though, I actually got to understand the different tournaments and how teams qualify for them. It was all completely new to me. I even learnt how fair play conduct can influence a decision on team placement when points are equal.

My article is now showcased here at constant-content So are a couple of others on the subject. Except that when I read them, they were not actually about the Euro Cup. The authors seemed to have confused it with the UEFA Cup (The European Cup), and the Champions League titles. In my article, I had warned against this, which seemed a suitable thing to do for the readership I was aiming at. Of course, anyone who regularly follows football wouldn’t need to be told that the Euro Cup, like the World Cup, is for national teams, while the others are for individual clubs within nations.

It just shows how important it is to check and double check your research. I can only hope that the customer knew that distinction when they put in the request. If so, on the basis of the article excerpts I have read, I’m likely to win this particular competition.


Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I was brought up on a diet of cricket but since I've been married I've had to add several other sports to my repertoire. I think rugby will always be a no-no but I'm getting there with football, and so I should after so many years of tuition!

Unknown said...

I knew about the game, and even thought I had a handle on the off-side rule. But before I had to write about it, I didn't know everything about all the different national and international leagues and cups.

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