Friday 26 September 2008

The Best Way to Drop Entrecards

Firstly, today I must tell you about this great new blog I’ve found and would like to support. Nathan, the blogger, is a very creative and poetic author. I can’t remember how I found him but it was probably when I was dropping my entrecards.

I was getting frustrated with that recently. My practice had been to open my inbox and start at the beginning of the droppers from the day before. I would simply click on each one in a line, then go back to see the first one. When I delete that one the next one pops up. That way, even slow loaders wouldn’t hold me up. Time is money, after all.

But then I downloaded the Firefox update, and discovered that each one I clicked on opened in the same tab as the previous one, just as it does in IE. I was reduced to opening both browsers and starting one at the beginning of the day and one at the end, so I could flit between them when waiting for something to load. It was a pain because it was taking twice as long.

A few minutes ago, though, I must have right-clicked by accident. And lo and behold, there was an option to open in a new tab. So that’s what I’m doing now. It just means two clicks instead of one, but that only takes a fraction of a second longer. And I can go back to my old practice of opening a line at a time in my Firefox browser. Little things do make a difference, you know.

Perhaps I can do a bit more commenting now and click thrugh to more new blogs that look interesting. I always read new posts as I go, unless it’something that is obviously of no interest to me. And there’s not much of that as I’m a curious soul. But stopping to think about what to put in a comment, or looking for more new logs, are things I don’t get time for often.

Do leave a comment if you think you have a better or faster way with your EC dropping.


Anonymous said...

I think I can suggest some improvements. First, download the Entrecard toolbar from here, which I found easy enough to install. Then you can choose to see your Inbox from the middle of the three boxes, in whatever order you like. If you use the double green arrow, it will open 5 tabs at a time but you can change the number to however many works for you in the options.

Alternatively, you can download Linky as an add-on, and open however many you choose into tabs. I usually open up the full first page of my inbox at once, though it takes some time to do it.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sheila. That is brilliant.

Ken Armstrong said...

The toolbar is a G
godsend. Make sure you get the version which gives option when you right-click on the bar, then select 'skip site you've already dropped on'.

That's another Godsend right there!


Anonymous said...

Another thing... in Firefox ... hold down the control key, and in Windows, you just click and it opens in a new tab automatically!

Unknown said...

Thanks Ken and Avidr. I'm learning fast.

Anonymous said...

I guess you will have to download the entrebar which will make things easier and faster. I will have to try it too.

Jean,I've won $ 40 from helium, I know you can do better than that.
Give it a try. You write very well. I know you can make it big there. You don't have to sign in under me. Just give it a try.

Good luck.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jena. I have downloaded the toolbar. It only displays the inbox for the day so best to use it later on. Good for finding new blogs in categories too.

Well done for your Helium stuff. I have been thinking about it. Hope to get to it next week. But when I do I want to sign in under you anyway.

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