Friday 7 November 2008

Sod's Law

I spent all of this morning cleaning and tidying because someone made an appointment to view my house in the early afternoon. I planned to be here when the agent arrived and then go out, because this agent prefers the vendors not to be present at viewings. I’d arranged to visit a friend, after which I’d get in the food shopping.

That meant I had to take most of the day off. No article writing today. But I can catch up tomorrow, Saturday, when I won’t need to clean my house.

Of course, it didn’t work out like that. One hour before they were due to arrive a phone call let me know it wasn’t going to happen. My potential buyer is having problems with his own buyers and has stopped looking for now. Perhaps he’ll come later.

I called my friend and asked if I could see her later. That was ok with her. She, poor girl, was stuck at home with a bad back. So I headed off to the shops to get that over and done with first.

With my car-boot loaded with shopping, I set off for her house. When my phone rang I pulled over to listen to messages. She had managed to get a chiropractor’s cancelled appointment. She couldn’t wait for me.

If I hadn’t done the shopping first, I would have seen her. If I’d had to wait at home for the estate agent, I wouldn’t have done the shopping first.

Is life trying to tell me something?


Jena Isle said...

You can call that fate. You don't have control over it. Sometimes there maybe good reasons why. You may realize this later.

I would pray that in the end , all will turn out well for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jena. I live in hope re selling the house. There's a buyer out there somewhere.

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