Monday 15 December 2008

Moving Dreams

I’m feeling rather envious of a friend who has just moved into the home of her dreams, after spending a frustrated six months in rented accommodation waiting for it to happen. She sold her previous house very quickly after putting it on the market several months after mine went up for sale. Now she’s in the new house and I’m still waiting for a buyer, and likely to be doing so for quite a while to come, by all accounts.

Studland Beach is not far from where I hope to be living next. To reach it from there, the quickest way will be to cross the narrow entrance to Pooles natural harbour at Sandbanks on a ferry, as long as the queue is not too long. I understand it is very popular in the summer months. To reach it you drive past the famous millionaire homes, supposedly some of the most expensive coastal properties in the UK.

At the far end of the beach on the other side are some varicoloured cliffs. I took the photo there a couple of years ago in early summer. The second one is a view across the harbour taken from a layby where we stopped on the drive home.


Jon said...

Smashing pics. Thanks for commenting on my blog during my absence.

Dori said...

I hope that you sell your house sooner rather than later. I know you must be anxious to move on. Here's hoping that you get a buyer soon :)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

He must have a valid reason. I am sure. Just sail on. Best regards.

Unknown said...

Jon - so relieved when your name popped into my inbox. I've read your blog now and glad you're better.

Dori - thanks for your encouragement.

Jena - perhaps you meant to post this somewhere else?

Jena Isle said...

It was meant for youy Jean,. He (I'm referring to that Super Being we commonly Call God/Allah, I don't know how you call Him.)or perhaps fate?

Trust in Him. Best regards.

Unknown said...

Ah, that explains it. Thank you Jena. As they say, God moves in mysterious ways. I'm sure you're right.

Anonymous said...

Oh me, that is gorgeous. Just a sprawling natural wonder.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Studland via the ferry a couple of times. It amazes me how much money those homes at Sandbanks command when you think of how overrun the place must be in the summer time - judging by the size of the car park and the lane reserved for the car park traffic.

We have a house to sell too, but decided to let it out for a while until things are more stable. Even that has problems, with everybody having the same idea. Our tenants have now left (early) and there is little prospect of anyone else before the new year.

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