Monday 16 February 2009

Magnetic Therapy for Humans and Animals

This payperpost opportunity is very timely as my sister has been telling me how she is thinking of trying out a magnetic bracelet to help with the arthritic pain in her arm. I decided to do some research and discovered that, among medical practitioners and laymen alike, there is no doubt that magnets can help to reduce pain and accelerate the healing of injuries, as well as ongoing medical conditions.

Athletes and other sports people swear by them to help them get fit again as quickly as possible after they’ve been injured. I was told that as well as restoring the normal blood flow to affected areas, they rebalance the ion concentrations. This meant nothing to me, so I looked up ion in my trusty Reader’s Digest Wordpower Dictionary. It told me that an ion is “an atom or molecule with a net electric charge caused through loss or gain of electrons, either positive or negative”, which sort of makes sense to me.

A word of warning though: magnets must be used correctly, so you need to get them from a reputable supplier. I’ll be recommending my sister to check out this one, where she can get a tried and tested wrap to go around her upper arm.

Since magnetic therapy has proved so effective for humans, many people are now trying them out on their injured pets, often with brilliant results. You can buy magnetic collars for cats and dogs, as well as special beds for them in different sizes. If you have horses or ponies in need, you can get them special boots or tendon wraps, headcollars and rugs. I’m going to remember that. There is nothing worse than having to watch a beloved pet’s suffering and feeling utterly helpless.


Melanie said...

Great article, Jean! I recently started an online business selling magnetic jewelry as I am a true believer that it does work for many persons.

If you'd like to visit us or send your sister our way, you can find us at

Have a great day and thanks for getting the word out there about magnetic therapy.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. I had a friend who used the magnetic pads and swears by them. That's great that they can now be used for pets as well.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about magnetic therapy also and have checked the pads for your bed, but they were too expensive for me right now...Good luck to your sister with the jewelry.

Unknown said...

Melanie - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love your bracelets.

Joanne - thanks also

Jude - and again, thanks. Shame you can't get the pads. I presume you mean for Shadow.

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