Wednesday 4 February 2009

Writing Places

I am currently reading The Writer’s Idea Book by Jack Heffron. Like the books by Julia Cameron and Dorothea Brande that I’ve read recently, this one discusses the environment for writing. His views converge from the other two, however, as he must always write privately and not in public view. They all suggest different writing places, as well as sitting at your computer in your office, the two women talking of getting in touch with the muse at a table in a coffee shop. But Heffron feels he would be inhibited in such a place, although he doesn’t rule out a park bench.

I incline towards the private myself, so I was reassured to find an author that agreed with me. I have written on a train, which was public enough but didn’t seem to draw glances. Other places include hotel rooms, where there was just me with time to fill when I’ve been away on business, and holiday homes when hubby has left me in peace. But mostly I write in my study, which is the use I have made of our third bedroom.

For a break, I get up, stretch and walk two paces to the window. Here are a couple of moods of the view I can see.

The rainbow was taken in the autumn of 2007. The snowy one was just yesterday.

I’d love to hear about other places to write, and where your muse kicks in.

PS. The books I’ve been reading are:

Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande, first published 1934
(my version with foreword by John Braine written in 1983)
PAPERMAC – ISBN 0-333-34673-4

The Right to Write by Julia Cameron, 1999
Macmillan – ISBN 0-333-78203-8

The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron, 2004
Penguin – ISBN 0-141-01869-0

The Writer’s Idea Book by Jack Heffron, 2000
Writer’s Digest Books – ISBN 0-965-09505-3

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Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

These are excellent books. How do you get the time to read all of usually have my ideas come up during early mornings, when everything is quite and the world is in a tight slumber. I can write anywhere as long as it's dawn.

The views from your window is so inspiring. I don't wonder now why you get such brilliant ideas Jean.

Way to go! Cheers.

Marie said...

I am writing in my head all the time, everywhere. But I don't always have the discipline to sit down and record what I've come up with.

With my laptop, I have a lot of flexibility. But I probably write most often sitting on my bed. I love my bedroom. It is like a sancutary to me. I feel very calm there and not distracted.

Dori said...

I love the view from your window also. Great photos!

My favorite place to write is sitting here on the sofa, in a nook underneath the stairs. Very cozy :)

Anonymous said...

I do most of my writing on my loft bed, with my head at the foot and my feet at the head, scrawling things into a spiral notebook as they come. For some reason this works for me.

I used to do a lot of it in moving trolleys and buses as well; with three hours a day on mass transit, who wouldn't?

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

May I edit what I wrote in my first comment? That should read:

The views from your window ARE so inspiring.

or The view from your window IS so inspiring.

Lol...I'm very conscious of my grammar when I'm around you, because you're the expert.

Thanks for all the help and support. Love yah girl.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

You've just given me a list of many good books to read. I must check them out!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the comments folks.

Jena - I'll have to keep my socks pulled up all the time with you watching my grammar. LOL. I didn't even notice your error until you pointed it out.

Interesting places that people can manage to write.

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