Tuesday 16 March 2010

Garden in Process

Today we had 3 enormous bags of topsoil delivered to the front of our house. We moved our two cars off the hard standing so the crane lorry could back in and deposit them. Then hubby worked like a trojan to transfer loads of earth to the new wheelbarrow and ferry it along the side passage to the back terrace and down the steps to the areas where we needed it. Actually he's been working really hard for days to prepare the beds, make the concrete for a slope and a plinth for the set of four decorative stones that will sit in the centre of the lefthand lawn.

The next step is to order and collect all the eco-turf he is going to lay. We discovered that the delivery charge would double the price so we're hoping we'll be able to collect it ourselves, even if we do have to take two cars and make more than one journey. It's got to be cheaper, and we need cash to be able to buy things to plant.

Decking for the far end will come after that. Meanwhile hubby has a large bed on the right for us to try and grow some veggies. Then we will need to turn our attention to the front of the house.

This is a picture of what we were faced with at the back when we moved in and the next one show where we are up to now.

This is the bed that is on the terrace outside my kitchen window. We moved the big potted shrub from the end of the garden up here. I have planted pansies and a few geraniums. I also put in a few bulbs that we found when we moved a pile of rubbish, so we'll wait to see what they turn into.

And this is the pile of rubbish we have to get rid of when all this is finshed.


Joanne Olivieri said...

You are definitely making progress and there's nothing like growing your own veggies.

One of The Guys said...

My wife and I started an organic vegetable garden two years ago and we love it. It feels so satisfying.
Your project looks like a lot of work, but fun.

I got spring fever!!

The Twitterer said...

omg, i'm envious! LOL. good luck on your garden. i wish i have one here too but we're living in a condo and there's nowhere to plant.

Unknown said...

Yes Jo. I can't wait.

One of the Guys - Right sir. Hope the spring fever gets you out into the garden.

The Twitterer - thanks for the good wishes. Sorry you can't have your garden but hope yuou get out and enjoy looking at others.

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