Thursday 25 March 2010

Thwarted - Blackmore Vale Views

Photo by Nigel Freeman

This afternoon I drove my son home to Shaftesbury after a brief visit. The way took us along the higher Blandford road that normally offers some spectacular views over the Blackmore Vale. You can see a little of it in the photo above, which is of a spot that is the start of a number of footpaths we've taken over the years when we lived nearby.

On the opposite side of the road is the Compton Abbas airfield where most walkers end up to eat and refresh themselves as they take in yet more wonderful views and watch the plucky little aircraft landing and taking off on the grass runway in front of them.

Photo by Clive Perrin

If you move to the right of the spot in the first picture, you can look down on Melbury Abbas village and church, a view which is pictured below.

Photo by Stella Ridley

Sadly none of this was available to us today as the whole areas was blanketed in low clouds and rain. It was hard to see the road, let alone the views. I'm feeling pretty exhausted now.


Joanne Olivieri said...

I love that village and church scene surrounded by all the glorious, lush greenery. Excellent shots.

Unknown said...

Thanks Jo. I'm gld I didn't move too far from it all. Now I have the benefit of the sea on my doorstep and this lovely countryside just a short drive away.

Unknown said...

Many thanks for thinking of me, Rache, but I think I'll pass on this.

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