Sunday 11 April 2010

Counting My Blessings

Getting older this year has been really lucky for me. I’ve had three days of celebrations.

On Friday I drove up to south London to my daughter’s home. In the evening she took me out for dinner and we had the most delicious Chinese meal, with some of my favourites – crispy duck, followed by scallops in mango sauce and hot crispy beef.

On Saturday I had my granddaughter to myself, and we took a picnic and had loads of fun in Richmond Park. At nearly seven years old, she is such a poser, as you can see from the photo. She’s also very loving and great company for a now even older biddy like me.

Today I came home in time for lunch with my husband, plus my sister and brother-in-law who drive up from Torquay just to treat us to a slap up meal in The Baker Arms at Lychett Minster, a pub that has been named the best place to eat in Britain. And my Sunday roast was perfect, rounded off with a lemon and blueberry jelly, a scoop of ice cream, strawberries and blueberries.

Most of my presents were for the garden and I now have a beautiful four year old camellia and two lovely clematis for the planters hubby made to sit on the decking. I can’t wait to get it all finished and take some more photos to show you.

What a lot of blessings I have to count.


Sara Katt said...

Is it your birthday? Happy belated birthday!

Sara Cat

Joanne Olivieri said...

Such special blessings which will leave so many wonderful memories. I didn't know it was your birthday, so Happy Belated Birthday to you.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sara and Jo. Wonderful memories indeed.

One of The Guys said...

Sounds like an awesome time! Enjoying the moments.

Happy Birthday!

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