Monday 5 April 2010

Lanzarote's La Graciosa

I've got a new batch of work, and there's so much of it, it's a bit scary. I'll be beavering all hours to make sure I can get it all done on time. Forgive me if my blog posts are somewhat scant. Anyway, I've plenty of Lanzarote photos showing all its contrasts.

This colourful wilderness is on the close offshore island of La Graciosa, where locals go to get away from the tourists. Some of them anyway. We joined them on a ferry one morning and went for a long walk during which I took this photo.


Joanne Olivieri said...

Oh my, the colors are so inviting. Such beautiful land.

Unknown said...

Yes Jo. They enticed us to walk quite a long way.

HeartyBux said...

Nice photo! But the place was a little bit dry.=) Kudos for you!

Unknown said...

You're right HeartyBux. It was quite arid, but still beautiful in its own way. We walked a big circle for about two hours back to the beach, and then it was bliss to cool off in the sea.

yusuf said...

ts red soil, looks like a barren land, and seen as outside space

Unknown said...

Hi yusuf. The soil was pretty grey actually. It as the low vegetation that was red. And I agree it looks quite barren.

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