Monday 12 July 2010

What the Developers Did

I took this picture on a fine day back in the winter. This is the far end of the shore walk in Hamworthy Park. Note the blocks of flats overlooking the harbour.

When we were trying to decide which home to buy here, we looked at a house on the main road behind these flats. The agent told us that the terrace of Victorian houses used to have that wonderful view all to themselves. Then developers came along and built those apartments behind them, completely blocking their view across the harbour to the islands and the far side. It must have significantly reduced the value of their homes, as well as their own quality of life.

There were several other reasons why we didn't buy there. But I did feel sorry for those home owners.


niko said...

i love all the photos most esp those that has flowers :) love it..

Unknown said...

Thank you niko. My goodness. How do you manage all those blogs with so many great posts?

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