Monday 19 July 2010

Photographing Luxor Temples

The pictures above were taken in the temples of Luxor. The first is at the entrance to the famous Temple of Karnac, while the second was taken inLuxor Temple itself. The two are only a few kilometres apart on the banks of the River Nile, and were once joined by an avenue of sphinxes, which is now partly excavated. You can read more about this in a previous post.

I chose these two from my literally hundreds of holiday pics today because they illustrate two points. First, I think they epitomise this part of Egypt: the ancient carvings at Karnak inside the high external walls, the cloudless sky and the laid back feel of the men presumably there to stop tourists getting too close - note the rope barrier; then in Luxor temple the ancient column, jumble of stone - some old and some not so old, the palm trees and the mosque tower behind.

Second, there's a great feature on the Edit menu in Picasa called I'm Feeling Lucky. If you have a photo opened and click on this, it adjusts the photo automatically in the way that seems appropriate. In the two photos above, I was able to use it for the second one to make it brighter and deepen the contasts made by shadows. When I tried it out on the first one though, I immediately reversed it because I wanted to be able to make out the features of the two Egyptians in the bottom right of the picture. When the adjustments were made the rest of the picture looked great against the bright blue sky, but the two men's faces were so dark, they could hardly be seen.

It's not easy to get exposures perfect in glaring light conditions. In fact I used to prefer taking pictures on cloudy days. But now, in the digital era, it's amazing what editing facilities allow you to do when you have uploaded the pictures you've taken.


Joanne Olivieri said...

These are extraordinary shots with wonderful information, what a treat to experience these through your eyes and words.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jo. I'm sure I enjoy the reminiscing while posting these as you do when you view it.

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