Monday 3 January 2011

Books, Books, Books

I do hope you have enjoyed the holidays and New Year celebrations.  The holiday time seems endless this year.   I enjoyed Christmas with my husband and son at home, then took a train to visit my daughter and granddaughter, attending a pantomime and a family party before coming home to see the New Year in with hubby.  It all seems very distant now, yet still it's holiday time and I have to wait till tomorrow to make some urgent appointments.

Anyway, I decided now to look back on some of the highlights of 2010, and found this picture taken during our October holiday on the Welsh border country.

How's this for a bookshop?  It's the Castle Bookshop in Hay on Wye.  There is another way in from the other side of the building, but if you enter through a gap in the wall from the main street, this is what you see.  All of this lower area has bookshelves around the walls, and you can select any book and leave the money for it in a collection box.   Then you can go up the steps and into the bookshop proper, through the open door you can see in the picture.  There are several dusty rooms crammed with secondhand books about everything under the sun, or so it seems.  I could have spent hours just browsing if hubby hadn't been waiting for me to move on.  The photo is a lovely reminder of that day.

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