Friday 21 January 2011

Gardens and Window Boxes

I've been thinking about what to do outside the house in the coming year. We did a lot of work on the back garden last year and we have our decking with matching planters; we have our small lawns and tidier paving; we have our veg patch and the two beds on the terrace by the house for flowers and my herbs. Admittedly there's not a lot in it right now, but we did have a colourful spring and summer, with quite a bit of veg produce.

But although my hubby made a start on the patch at the front he abandoned it when he injured his back, so it's still in a sorry state. We need to give it some priority now.

I've also thought about window boxes and found a website that supplies a good variety of really great looking ones, plus all the accessories you need to fit them and make them look as though they belong. I particularly like the white wooden window flower boxes, but they all look good brimming with plants that make beautiful pictures.

Sadly I can't use this site because they only deliver across the US or make international shipping arrangements to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. But I'll probably bookmark it, if only to get some ideas for my own displays.

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