Monday 14 February 2011

Christmas Past, Birthdays Coming

With Christmas in the dim and distant past, I've been thinking about presents for all our grandchildren's birthdays for this coming year. I even have one great grandson. It wouldn't do to forget any of them. Including the children of my stepdaughters, there are getting to be so many now that it needs a bit of forward planning.

My youngest granddaughter has recently been moved from her small bedroom to a larger one that has been done over for her. Of course it's mostly pink and I bet she still needs more places to put things and keep the room tidy.

I found lots of children's storage solutions at Vertbaudet . I particularly like the sets of woven boxes, both the pink and multicoloured ones, but I expect she's like the pink best. That children's storage page could be the answer for my great-grandson too. He's quite a bit younger, but not too young to start to learn about putting things away.

Our other two granddaughters are older but I could still find items that would suit them. And of course the grandsons are all gathering belongings that have to be tidied away.

Be great if I could get all of it from one children's storage site all at once, and not have to worry about it for the rest of the year.


Jess said...

That's a fabulous idea to get them storage/organizational furniture instead of more toys that need to be put away! Those linen baskets that look like washing machines are adorable! Hopefully your grandkids will enjoy using whatever you get for them ;)


P.S. I found your blog via Ash's Meet n Greet :)

McKenna Donovan said...

How fun! Storage in colors, which stimulates the creative aspect of their world at the same time it teaches them organization.

Very nice! And yes, plan ahead, with that many in your extended family. I love the sense that you don't differentiate between "biological" and "acquired" family. Good for you!

Like Jess, I came here through Ash's MeetnGreet, though I've been here before. I'm going to be traveling and taking care of my elderly parents for a few weeks, so I shan't be here as often, but I plan to stop by as much as I can!

be gentle.....................

Nicole said...

My mom and dad bought both of my children pieces of furniture and storage containers to help with organizing their bedrooms. I was thrilled. Each piece has made my life easier since all of their toys, books, etc. have a place, so I can pick up their things in no time.

Unknown said...

Thnaks for your visit and comment, Jess.

Unknown said...

Thanks McKenna. Probably see you at your and Ash's virtual homes.

Unknown said...

Thanks Nicole. I've had technical problems here and now back on line, I've found all these wonderful comments. Yours was reassuring. I hope my grandchildren's parents will be as pleased.

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