Monday 28 February 2011

How to Keep Warm at the Beach

It's been an action packed weekend.  I'm just amazed at the energy of my 7 year old granddaughter.  After swimming 20 lengths of the pool this morning and diving to fetch items thrown to the bottom of the deep end umpteen times, she still had to be coerced out of the water with a promise of spare ribs and chips for lunch.  Yesterday I was weary just from browsing shops, but she still wanted to go to the beach.  We did that on Saturday as well.  It has been really cold, with biting winds and we had to keep moving or freeze.  You can see how she kept warm in the picture.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I love it when little girls are high-energy do-ers! Horray for her.

Unknown said...

Cheers Joan. I can even hear her in the background doing her Wii dancing when I'm on the phone to her mother.

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