Friday 10 June 2011

Pictures Lost and Found

A couple of years ago, we were on holiday overseas and my husband's eagle eyes picked up a camera card that someone had dropped. There was no-one around so he popped it in his wallet and we asked various people we met but couldn't find the owner. Rather sad if it contained someone's holiday snaps, which are such great mementoes. It reminded me of a film of mine that the developers lost when I sent them away. It was a family wedding, from which I can only remember my toddler daughter's outfit for the day, but have no pic of. My daughter was even younger then than her own daughter is now.

Anyway, last month I earnt a little more from my writing than usual, so yesterday I treated myself to a digicam that was on special offer at ebay and greatly reduced. I'm waiting for it to arrive, but when I mentioned it to hubbie, he asked what kind it was. I told him Fujifilm, whereupon he remembered the card, which was still tucked away in his wallet, and fished it out. Lo and behold, it's for a Fujifilm camera.

Maybe I can put it in my new one and find out what, if anything, is on it. Perhaps I can even find the owner if I publish one or two of the pics on the internet. If you've ever lost a camera card with pics on, watch this space.

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