Monday 13 June 2011

A Shining Sink

Years ago I was introduced to, a site that helps you keep you home clean and organised. The first thing flylady tells you to do is to shine your sink, and then to do this every night before you go to bed. I took her advice in my last house and got so proud of my kitchen sink I even took a photo of it.

In my new house, I lost my bookmark of her site, and although I try to keep my new sink area clean, it  doesn't shine up the way the old one does, and I've lost the daily cleaning habit. In the last few months, I've let lots of other things slip while I've worried about my son's health and how to earn enough money to keep him as well as my hubby and myself while he's sick. Now he's on the road to recovery, although he won't be earning for a while, and I've found flylady again. I've turned my thoughts back to my home and started on some more of the spring cleaning jobs needed around here.

The garden needs attention too.  And I need to keep reminding myself to stop worrying about everything and start to do one thing.  Then think about what to do next.  That's the way things get done.


meadowly said...

Wow ! Sparking and spotless.I love that .Mine needs a scrubbing daily which leaves it clean, but not sparkling like this one though..

Silvergirl said...

wow it is a new one :)

Linda D said...

So pleased to hear the good news about your son, hope he enjoys a speedy recovery.
Your sink puts mine to shame! I have to admit that when I'm working at my sink I don't really notice how shiny it is - or isn't. I'm usually gazing out of the kitchen window either watching the birds (there are lots of babies around) or writing the next chapter of my novel in my head.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments folks. The sink wasn't new but I had just given it a good clean and then wiped it dry. It's the type that shines up well. The one I have now doesn't, unfortunately, even thoguh I use Bar Keeper' Friend, then rinse and wipe dry. Can't get back in the habit of doing it every day though. Life's too short.

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