Monday 6 February 2012

Hospitals Again

Boy, do I need a break.  I've just finished writing 350 words all about plastering, and now I have to get my head around another 350 all about tiling. Feeling a bit tired actually, having been up since 0530 today, which is at least two hours earlier than usual for me. Well, I am supposed to be retired, you know.

The reason for the early rising was to take my hubby to the local hospital where he is to have a lump removed from a salivary gland. I thought they'd let me stay a while with him, as they did when we took my son for his last operation, but to a different hospital. But we spent about five minutes standing up in a busy waiting area where all the seats were taken, then his name was called and I had to leave.

If I'd known that was to happen I'd have left the car in a no pay zone and not had to pay £1.80 for 19 minutes in the car park. Once when I had day surgery and had to leave the car in the hospital car park for just over six hours it cost nearly £10, which we thought was really extortionate, so we avoid parking there when we can. When I go back to see hubby after his op, I'll probably leave the car in the Sainsburys car park and walk the rest of the way. On my return, if I spend a fiver in the store, I'll get £1.60 back for parking.

Anyway I'm left waiting for news, so I thought I ought to try and get on with some work. I still have three of these 350 word site pages to write by Wednesday.

In the meantime, here's what I see behind me if I turn around when I'm working at my computer - one silly, up-side-down dog - who's promised a bath after her afternoon walk.


Linda D said...

Hope your husband's soon home and well.
I know what you mean about the car parking charges. When I went to collect my husband after a day surgery procedure I paid for the minimum period - 1 hour - thinking that would be plenty of time. But, after trekking along what seemed like miles of corridors to reach his ward, I found that he was still waiting for his discharge papers and hadn't been given the medication he needed to take home with him ...!
I kept checking the time, trying to guess how long it would take to race back to the car park and buy another ticket. In the end, we reached the car with 2 minutes to spare.
You just don't need that kind of stress on top of a hospital visit!

Sharkbytes said...

Hope the surgery goes well. Paying for parking is the pits.

Paola said...

oh dear I hope all is well soon. What a gorgeous doggy photo!

Rebecca Emin said...

I hope the surgery goes well. Hospital car parks always seem to be so ridiculous with the charges, or even just finding a spot. I feel your pain!

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. The worst is over now, I'm glad to say, and hubby is back with me again.

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