Friday 31 August 2012

Fashion for Men

My other half hates shopping for his clothes with me. In fact, he would put off buying anything until his jackets and trousers are threadbare. Mostly now he wears jeans and it’s definitely time for him to get some new ones (see the pic on the left).

Browsing on the net I found Style Pilot. This is an unusual animal. It’s a fashion site for men. One of the options on the home page was ‘Browse’ which gave me a list of clothing items. In fact everything you can think of from suits to sun glasses. I clicked on Jeans and chose to view from the cheapest first. It gave me pages and pages of Jeans offered by many high street retailers, many of them at reduced prices, presumably in sales.

When I clicked on ‘Buy’ I was taken in a new tab to the retailer’s site to select size and colour etc. If that was available I could then put it in a basket to purchase. Unfortunately some of the links didn’t work properly; when I clicked to find out more about a pair of Crafted men’s jeans, I got a 404 error, but there was so much to choose from, I don’t think that would matter. I’m bookmarking the site so I can return easily when I’m looking for birthday and Christmas presents.

I’m going to tell my son about it too as he’s much more fashion conscious than my hubby, although I didn’t notice anything by Animal, which is my son’s favourite retailer. Style Pilot is a site where, if you’re a bloke, you can get fashion advice and read the answer’s to other chaps' style questions. If you answer a questionnaire about  yourself, you can get all sorts of style recommendations.

One section of the site made me chuckle, although I’m sure it’s meant to be really serious. It was a series of before and after pictures. The fact that I preferred many of the before outfits to the after ones probably reflects my age and the fact that I don’t know much about up to date fashion trends for the opposite sex.


Linda D said...

What I'm looking for is a website that will tactful explain to my husband that although retro fashion is all the rage now, you have to be young to get away with it.

Unknown said...

Well Linda. Perhaps he should complete the questionnaire at Style Pilot and see what they come up with. But I can't actually remember if age was one of the questions. If not, it might not be such a good idea.

Paola said...

What fun, Jean. Makes shopping so much easier. On a slightly different note, I was having dinner with my daughter and her flatmates in Edinburgh last night, and talking about Bangladesh. They were surprised, when I asked them to have a look at the labels on their clothes, to find how many of them were made in Bangladesh!

Unknown said...

Hi Paola. I was sure I responded to your comment before, but it didn't take. That little snippet of information is interesting. I've been checking my labels too.

Danica said...

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